We think Human Experience is physical, digital & emotional

Openshop is a design centered studio that focuses on shaping our experiences in the world from concept to execution. We provide Strategy and Experience Design as well as professional Architectural services through our partner company Openshop Architecture

Every company and its marketplace form a unique ecosystem that needs to be understood and cultivated. Our unique process identifies and analyzes the key parts and whole of your ecosystem to develop the best possible most realistic actions that will take your brand to the next level.

Human Centered Design

Let’s not complicate this. HCD is putting the people first. Through a process of research and discovery, insights and problem solving, we deliver design solutions that work for everyone. HCD is the idea that every experience is both individual in perspective but universal in impact.


Deep Play is how we work. It is an idea that drives us to strive for the balance between Investment, Responsibility and Satisfaction in the work we do and the way we do it.