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is small and mighty

We're a Strategic Design Agency.

Here's what we mean by that..


Think big picture.
Think ahead.

A well-baked idea takes on a life. We love a moment of brilliance, but we understand that for an idea to sustain and grow, it needs to respond to ever changing real world conditions. We locate ideas within larger ecosystems. We design in the present, and for the future.



We craft memorable experiences that harmonize customer needs, operational efficiencies, business priorities, and organizational goals. We build things that create value continually, for all stakeholders: business and people alike.



Our backgrounds are diverse, and our capabilities are many. We are a multi-disciplinary team that envisions opportunities and crafts the tangible, and the intangible. We deploy a robust network of collaborators from all quarters to bring ideas to life. We manage everything it takes to get sh*t done.



We brand

Brand Strategy & Design

The brand stands at the heart of a business, and at the heart of the brand lies a compelling story.

We work closely with founders to design and evolve brands to embody their vision and speak to consumers and employees in a definitive and consistent voice.






We imagine

Conceptualizing a business

We work closely with founders to understand their vision and aspirations for the brand and business.To this we add our own learnings, and explore the landscape to establish clear opportunity spaces for establishment and growth.


We create


This is where the rubber meets the road. We deploy full service architectural capabilities to detail and implement what we design, in its entirety. We engage relevant partners where necessary, whom we trust to deliver quality.


We design

Designing the experience

A brand’s promise must translate on the ground. We bring together customer experience and operational efficiencies to craft seamless and memorable experiences.


We enable

Getting businesses off the ground

We understand that bringing a business to life requires investment. We engage with our network to find a business the resources it needs in order to become a reality.




We grow

Scaling & Roll-outs

Strategic expansion is key to business success. We bake scalability into experience design from the get go, so that when the time comes, the business may expand its footprint as rapidly as its customer base grows.


We nurture

Organizational Design & Capacity Building

An organization, first and foremost, is made up of people. For the organization to be successful, the people who make it must thrive, in alignment with its objectives.


What we do..

What we're doing right now..

F&B, retail, and operational strategy for a 3-tower, 3 million sq. ft. mixed-use development in downtown Miami

OS | 01

We're comfortable being uncomfortable

The optimal solutions don't come from the simplest problems.

We accept any challenge, no matter the size.

At times like these we are in our element. Openshop believes design is a tool for evolution.

We know change is constant, our solutions are flexible, unique and innovative.

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Failure is part of success

We believe it's an important part of the process.

Fail early, fail fast, fail frequently.

Are Openshops projects failures? Certainly not. By employing an iterative process in the beginning, we avoid big problems down the line. This helps us deliver solid, resilient solutions. Plus it's kind of fun.

OS | 03

We love what we do.

But we also love how we do it.

Deep play: We put play to work as a way to frame challenges, discover new perspectives and foster creativity.

Do we have more Lego in our office than most? Maybe. We believe there is a joy to work, to problem solving that can be enjoyed on many levels. We deliver exceptional work and, boy, do we have fun doing it.

Some past clients

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