experience design

The ability to create an atmosphere in any situation lets us shape our moods, stirs our memories, and defines who we are. Design should embrace the full spectrum of the senses (not just the visual) in both the physical and digital world. We work with clients to understand the experiences that they want to create for others and turn these into reality.



How can a spa company with an extensive product offering optimize their expertise for a retail experience? 

Create a new retail experience with mini spas and a product library that responds to an in-depth analysis of the industry, trends and potential customers.


Hanoi House

Hanoi House was a new restaurant concept looking for an experience that combined a collage of authentic experiences collected by the owners into a single simple yet sophisticated dining experience.



How can a corporate event have a lingering and memorable impression for global media players?

We collaborated with Edelman to create a onetime experience for Unilever to capture the essence of the brand - as experienced through the senses.